Walk around Valderrobres

Valderrobres has an architectural heritage that is ideal to discover by taking a walk through its narrow streets. From the Castle, a National Monument since 1931, to the majestic medieval bridge and the San Roque gateway, we find the Valderrobres of the 14th and 15th centuries: stately homes in the Aragonese Gothic style, portals, lowered arches, stone stairs. A whole historical-artistic complex among which we can highlight:

  • Castillo de Valderrobres
  • Iglesia parroquial Santa María la Mayor
  • Casa Consistorial
  • Portal de Bergos
  • Casa Palau
  • Antiguo Hospital
  • Portal-torre de San Roque
  • Puente medieval
  • Fonda la Plaza

Get to know the Matarraña

From the Fonda la Plaza we can visit the region of the Matarraña. A very varied region, full of landscaping contrasts, where we will be able to enjoy excursions by foot, bicycle and car. The Matarraña river, with its crystalline waters and its pools to bathe; the Ports of Beceite, wild mountains and ravines with a virgin nature; the smooth fields of almonds and olive trees; the route of the jails, chilling memories of a dark past; footpaths of small or medium route to walk without haste contemplating the beauty of the landscape and its flora and fauna; the hermitages refuges of traditions and turned into watchtowers of the region and the historical centres of each population to stroll discover the singular corners of the Matarraña.


Calendar of popular festivities and events

Please consult as alterations may occur:

  • 5th January: Epiphany Parade.
  • 6th January: Epiphany Day.
  • 17th January: Saint Anthony's Day. Bonfire, blessing of animals and local festival.
  • 5th February: Santa Águeda. Women's festival.
  • 26th February: Carnival.
  • March-April: Palm Sunday and Easter.
  • 17th and 19th April: VI Custom-Harley Biker-Ham. Harley rally.
  • First weekend of May: Livestock and commercial fair.
  • First weekend in July: San Cristóbal.
  • 13th and 14th July: European Cup and Spanish Biketrial Championship.
  • Saturday in mid-July: Presentation of the Queen of Festivals and her Ladies in waiting.
  • Last weekend in July: Art and craft exhibition.
  • First of August: Cultural Week.
  • 14th to 19th August: Fiestas Mayores.
  • First weekend in September: September Fair.
  • Last Sunday in September: Matinal Motera.
  • First Sunday in October: Tossal del Rei Festival.
  • 31st October: Chestnut Festival.
  • 24th December: Father Christmas Parade.
  • 31st December: New Year's Eve.
  • 31st March, 5th May, 23rd June, 28th July, 11th August, 8th September, 13th October, 3rd November, 7th and 8th December. Dramatised visits to Valderrobres Castle by the group La má peluda.