Eating and sleeping "where the stones speak to us".

The Fonda de la Plaza is a palace of medieval origin, built in ashlar stone and with a square floor plan, topped by a defence tower located on one side. The building consists of two modules. The first is a three-storey building with two lower access openings and two more lighting openings. The small, rectangular access bays are topped by lowered bell arches.

The lower left-hand span bears the inscription Fonda Blanc, Casa de Viajeros Enrique Blanc. The lighting is distributed over the two floors in a rectangular shape with a small balcony made of carved stone. The other module, which is larger, has the entrance opening on its main façade, a voussoired semicircular arch. Next to this, another rectangular-shaped lighting space has a wrought-iron balcony. The next floor has two wider lighting openings with wrought iron balconies and the third one is similar to those on the lower floor. Between these openings is the name of the inn; large wrought iron letters are located in the central part of the façade. The fourth floor is visually separated from the lower floors by a cornice. It consists of six small semicircular windows. Above these, and continuing on the side and rear facades, a series of gargoyles are responsible for draining off rainwater.

The building is finished off with the same decorative pinnacles that appear on the tower. The side façade has similar lighting apertures with wrought iron balconies arranged in an irregular manner and the rear façade has a large woodwork balcony made on three levels. The lower one is made of carpentry and glasswork, while the following ones are made up of wooden balconies, supported by columns of the same material. The entire complex is an extraordinary and beautiful example of Aragonese stately homes.